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Yablonovsky Petr Antonovich

Yablonovsky Petr Antonovich



Soviet Ukrainian artist. Member of the USSR Union of Artists. He was born on July 25, 1910 in Khartsizsk (Donetsk region). He graduated from the Kiev Art Institute (1941). Teachers by specialty – F. Krichevsky, M. Sharonov, S. Grigoriev. He worked in the easel painting industry, specialized in thematic paintings. Member of the Great Patriotic War. Participated in exhibitions: republican since 1947, personal – Kiev, 1954. The main works: “In the class of the honored worker of arts of the USSR, Professor KM Mikhailov” (1947); “In the collective farm agro-laboratory” (1949); “Crimean landscape” (1961); “They write about us” (1967); “Before the new life” (1969) and others. Lived and worked in Kiev. He died in 1989. The main themes of the artist were landscapes of Ukrainian nature, as well as the city of Kiev, paintings on historical and military themes (including “Attack”). The artist signed his paintings sweepingly, but with a clear spelling of the surname: P. Yablonovsky, indicating the date (year): 63, that is, 1963. One of the paintings of Peter Yablonovsky, “Svyatoshino. An experimental fish breeding station “(1949), is located in the Lugansk Regional Art Museum. Two pictures are in Russia: “Kiev. Output on the Dnieper River “, 1959, oil on canvas, 200 × 288 (exhibited at an auction in Moscow with an estimated value of 1-2 million rubles in 2009) and” In Attack “, 1950, canvas, oil, 130 × 180 ( was exhibited at an auction in Moscow in 2009 – 200,000-25,000 rubles.) Many other works of the artist are in private collections in Ukraine and Russia.

Photo: Peter Yablonovsky “Planting Trees”