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Trush Ivan Ivanovich

Trush Ivan Ivanovich



Ukrainian painter-impressionist, master of landscape and portrait, art critic and organizer of artistic life in Galicia. He was born in the village of Vysotsk of Brody district. He studied at Krakow AM (from Y. Matejko, L. Vichulkovsky and J. Stanislavsky) (1891-1897), in Vienna (1894) and Munich (in 1897 A.Ashba). While studying in Krakow, he was friends with Vasily Stefanik. Since 1898 in Lviv, where he joined the Ukrainian artistic and social life, he became close with Ivan Franko and contacted the Scientific Society. Shevchenko, for whom he performed various artistic works (in particular portraits). Artistic travels to the Crimea (1901-1904), Italy (1902, 1908), Egypt and Palestine (1912). Trush initiated and organized the first art professional societies in Galicia: the Society for the Development of the Russian Piece (1898) and his three exhibitions, the Society of Supporters of Ukrainian Literature and Art (1905) and his first “Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists”, in which Kiev artists also took part. 1905 published (with S. Lyudkevich) the first Ukrainian art magazine “The Artistic Herald”.

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Photo: Ivan Trush “Trembitari” 1905 year