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Spinatieva Larisa Vasilyevna

Spinatieva Larisa Vasilyevna

1949 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian painter. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Larisa Vasilievna Spinatieva was born on February 26, 1949. She graduated from the Kiev Art and Industrial College. From 1973 to 1979 she studied at the Kiev State Art Institute (workshop of Professor AM Lopukhov). The thesis “Folk Songs” (1979) was performed in the studio of easel painting of Professor A.M. Lopukhova. From the review of the thesis of L.V. Spinatieva: “Showing singing is also not easy, as in the sound of conveying color or space. Here it is not enough to open the mouth of singers and emphasize their occupation by the fact that listeners have their mouths closed. The painting depicts singing people, not singing. And this shows the author that he is able to show his own way of knowing the visible world in drawing and painting … “(Yu. V. Petrov, Ph.D. of the RIMS Institute named after M. Rylsky of the USSR Academy of Sciences – data from the NAIAiA archive). Participant of city, republican and all-union art exhibitions. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Spinatyeva L.V. worked in the field of easel painting. Master of a realistic landscape and still life. The artist’s works are presented in gallery and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

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Photo: “Still Life” 1982 year