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Sogoyan Vera Sogomonovna

Sogoyan Vera Sogomonovna

1925 – 1986


Soviet Ukrainian artist, painter. The author of thematic paintings, landscapes and still lifes. Vera Sogomonovna Sogoyan was born on December 27, 1925 in the city of Artvin (Turkey). In 1928, together with his family moved to the Soviet Union and settled in Krasnodar. In 1945, Vera Sogoyan began her studies at the Krasnodar Art Studio with ND Sharikov. In 1952 he graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute. Her teachers were AA Shovkunenko, VN Kostetskii, SA Grigoriev, I.N. Shtilman. Since 1952 she has participated in city, republican and all-union art exhibitions. Sogoyan V.S. – Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. He is getting married to the artist – Vladimir Mikhailovich Chernikov. An Armenian by birth, she lived almost all her life in Ukraine, having absorbed the very spirit of Ukraine, her people, her culture, poetry and the uniqueness of her nature. Preserving its national roots, its genetic code, Vera Sogoyan’s creativity flows into the general channel of Ukrainian art, forming an integral part of it. The creative personality of the artist developed in the 60s. In her works are affirmed from time immemorial good beginnings – motherhood, childhood. Remaining faithful to selected themes, she fills her pictures with high civic pathos, combining both emotional elation, and subtle lyricism, and softness. Sogoyan Vera Sogomonovna died in the summer of 1986. In 1989, the first personal posthumous exhibition was held in the Kiev House of the artist. The artist’s works are presented in museum and gallery collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Photo: Sogoyan Vera Semenovna “Young Family” 1973