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Sobko Petr Stepanovich

Sobko Petr Stepanovich

1933 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian painter, sculptor. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Born May 4, 1936 in the village. Mikhale Vladimir-Volyn region of the Volyn region. In 1952, after the end of the 9th grade, he entered the work as a pupil of the painter Novovolynsky stoic management. In 1955 he entered the Lviv Art School for a sculptural department. Acquainted with Bogdan Gorin. In 1957 – continued his studies at the Chisinau Art School in a picturesque department. Thesis work – “Crossing the Dniester.” From 1961-1967. – Training in the Kiev Art Institute at the Faculty of Painting. He studied in the studio of V.Puzyrkov. Thesis work – “Milkmaids”. In 1962, he joined the creative youth committee, which later became a national-patriotic movement. From 1967-1969 years. worked in Khud.Fond of Zhdanov (Mariupol) of the Donetsk region. From 1969 until his retirement he worked at the Khud. Fund of Ukraine in Lutsk. In 1970 – a creative trip to the Baltics. In 1972,1986 years. – a creative trip to Kamchatka where more than 100 landscapes are created. In 2009 – a trip to Italy. He is a regular participant of plein airs and creative trips to the Baltic States, Italy and Ukraine. Lives in the city of Lutsk.

Photo: Peter Sobko “Italian landscapes”

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