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Sheremeta Yaroslav Ignatievich

Sheremeta Yaroslav Ignatievich

1939 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian artist of decorative and applied art, ceramist. Member of the USSR from 1971. He was born on March 3, 1939. He graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts in 1967. Teachers on the specialty: Severa IV, Krvavich DP, Monastirsky VA , Tkachenko MV and others. Works in the field of arts and crafts (ceramics), painting and watercolors. Yaroslav Sheremeta is a well-known artist in the field of decorative applied and monumental ceramics, oil painting and watercolors. His creative activity began in 1963, while still studying at the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (now Lviv National Academy of Arts) at the Department of Art Pottery. In the creative work of Yaroslav Sheremety there are several hundred ceramic works that were replicated at the Lviv experimental ceramic-sculpture factory. These are decorative plates, tea and coffee sets, vases, decorative plastic. The artist also works fruitfully in the genres of landscape, still life and portrait. Podolskie spaces, Boykivsky landscapes, urban Lviv – all this is a land beloved to the heart, which the artist draws with great admiration. In the paintings of Yaroslav Sheremety decorative saturation, realism and uniqueness of the Ukrainian land. “In his ceramic works – the whole cosmos of Ukrainian labor, with beekeepers, mowers, there is a series with Lviv, recognizable Renaissance reliefs, Baroque fonts.” Yaroslav Sheremeta from those artists who work systematically. “Professional maturity and completeness of the creative range of the master opened at his solo exhibitions in 1990 and 1999, where J.Sheremet exhibited over one hundred and fifty works of ceramics, paintings, graphics, which earned a well-deserved recognition of the public and art criticism. The best works of the artist are in the museums of Kiev, Lvov, Sumy, and private collectors of collectors of Ukraine, Canada, the USA .The works are kept in museums of Kiev, Lvov, Sumy, in private collections of collectors of Ukraine, Canada, USA. Lives and works in Lviv Literature Golubets O. Lvivska ceramics .- Kiev: Scientific Thought, 1991.