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Savka-Kruglova Maria Fedorovna

Savka-Kruglova Maria Fedorovna

1939 г.р.


Soviet artist of arts and crafts, ceramist. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Maria Fyodorovna Kruglova (works marked “Savka-Kachmar”) Born in 1939 in the village of. Kamenka-Lipnik of the Lviv region. After the eighth grade of the rural school entered the Lviv Art College. I. Trush at the Department of Sculpture. Upon graduation, she entered the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts for the department of decorative and consumer ceramics, graduated in 1966. At the same time, she began to work in the workshop of the ceramic workshop of the Lviv ceramic-sculptural factory in a large group of gifted artists. The rich technology made the work pleasant, desirable. Casting, clay, chamotte mass, watering. Performed samples of dishes, decorative plastics, orders, for finishing the winter gardens of sanatoriums, foyer of hospitals, palaces of solemn events, and the like. Works were exhibited in Lviv, Kiev, Moscow. Several personal exhibitions in Lviv. The main number of works is in Lviv museums, some in Moscow, France, Sweden. His long dream came true after working with his son Vasily. I fashioned several plastic compositions, and he poured them out of metal. The main works: decorative wall vases and reliefs (“Smith”, “Gonchar”, “Kolyadovschiki”). Thematic compositions (“Yavorivske weddings”, “Lemkivsky weddings”, “Sadness of trembit”, “Aeneid”, “Grandma and granddaughter”), etc. Portrait of Lesya Ukrainka (1996, chamotte, watering). Portrait of Elena Stepanovna (2010). Portrait of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky (kept in the National Museum in Lviv). Portrait of Pope Ivan Paul II.

Енеїда. Марія Савка-Качмар                  Енеїда. Марія Савка-Качмар

A photo ; Savka Kruglov “Eneida” in 1969.