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Rapoport Boris Naumovich

Rapoport Boris Naumovich



Ukrainian painter. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Master of the landscape. Boris Naumovich Rapoport was born October 27, 1922 in the village of Soroca in Bessarabia. In 1927, the artist’s family moved to Odessa. Drawing studied in the art studio in the Odessa Palace of Pioneers (former Merchant House, now Philharmonic) from famous masters Ivan F. Hvorostetsky (1888 – 1956) and Alexander Yakovlevich Ruban (1900 – 1943). Boris’s family moved to Kiev and in 1937 the artist’s father, Naum Freimovich Rapoport, was arrested and shot (rehabilitated in 1958). From November 1937 to 1940 B. Rapoport continued his studies at the art school in Kiev. His teachers in the specialty were A.I. Fomin, K.N. Eleva, I.F. Khvorostetsky, P.V Nosko, A.I. Sirotenko, I.N. Pleschinsky. The artistic director of the school was K.D. Trokhimenko. In 1939 Boris Rapoport’s drawings were exhibited at the International Art Exhibition in New York in the United States. After graduation, he entered the Kiev Art Institute. But study was interrupted by war. Member of the Great Patriotic War, he served in the building battalion. Among other talented artists, to continue his studies, he was summoned to Samarkand, where the Kiev Art Institute was evacuated. The training was conducted by such outstanding artists as Grabar, Chernyshov, Falk, Favorsky, Gerasimov, Matveev, Shtilman, Sirotenko, Yeleva. After the liberation of Kiev, Boris Rapoport returns home and in 1944, as part of the artists’ brigade, leaves for the front. Works painted by the artist during this period were exhibited in Vienna at the exhibition “Battle Route of the First Ukrainian Front”. From 1946 to 1949 he continued his studies in the landscape studio of the Kiev Art Institute in A.I. Fomina, K.D. Trokhimenko, G.P. Svetlitsky, I.N. Shtilman. Rapoport wrote the thesis “Dnepr”. In the same year, the painting “Kolkhoznaya Vesna” was exhibited at the republican exhibition and was purchased by the National Art Museum of Ukraine. Participant of republican, all-Union and foreign art exhibitions. Since 1950 B.N. Rapoport is a member of the Union of Artists of the Ukrainian SSR. In the same year he marries a famous Ukrainian artist – Faynerman Anne Lvovna “Real landscape painters, landscape artists by vocation – a little. To them belongs and Boris Naumovich Rapoport, “- People’s Artist of the USSR K. Trokhimenko. The main works: “Above the Dnieper” (1949), “Tarasova Gora” (1961), “Kiev Chestnuts” (1963), “Spring in the Crimea” (1970), “Indian Summer” (1974), “Carpathians” (1986) , “Armenia” (1989), “Spring” (1990), “Winter Day” (1995), “Winter Morning” (1996). From 1960 to 1980, a number of personal exhibitions of the artist in Kiev, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Balti. The works of BN Rapoport are kept in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, Poltava Art Museum, Donetsk Regional Art Museum, Berdiansky Art Museum. I. Brodsky, Lebedinsky City Art Museum, the National Museum in Lviv named after Andrey Sheptytsky and other museum, gallery and private collections in Ukraine and abroad. The main exhibitions: 1945 – an exhibition of works of artists of the First Ukrainian Front, Vienna; 1955 – Report exhibition of artists of Kiev, Kiev; 1958 – exhibition of Soviet fine arts in 1955-1957, China; 1970 – exhibition “Picturesque Ukraine”, Genoa, Krakow, Liège, Belgrade; 1973 – Republican landscape exhibition “Kuindzhi Memorial”, Mariupol; 1975 – exhibition of modern Soviet art, Lebanon; 1977 – IV Republican exhibition of water colors, Lviv; Republican exhibition of prints, Kiev; 1978 – exhibition of Ukrainian Soviet graphics, Canada; Republican exhibition of landscapes “Lubenskaya spring”; 2011 – exhibition “City in the frame”, Kiev; 2012 – “Dialogue” – an exhibition of paintings by Boris Rappoport (1922-2006) and Anna Fainerman (1922-1991), Kiev (the exhibition was prepared by families of artists and “Kalita Art Club” to the 90th anniversary of artists); 2014 – the exhibition “The whole truth about the Crimea”, the gallery “Khlebnya”, Kiev (most of the works are provided by the families of artists and private collectors, in the museum context, the work was shown for the first time); 2014 – exhibition “Rodinny zvyazyka”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine, Kiev.

Photo: Rapoport BN together with Khodchenko LP :: May Khreshchatyk :: 1976 year