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Knyazik Alexander Veniaminovich

Knyazik Alexander Veniaminovich

1932 г.р.


Soviet sculptor. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Knyazik Alexander Veniaminovich was born on August 31, 1932 in Dnepropetrovsk. Husband T. Judge. Honored Artist of Ukraine (1985). Gold medal of the 9th International. Biennale (r. Ravenna, Italy, 1990). Chl. NSHU (1962). He graduated from the Kiev Art Institute (1959, M. Vronsky, M. Gelman, I. Makogon). He worked in the city of Odessa from 1960 – in the sculpture shop, 1965-92 – in the artistic and industrial combine; chairman of the artistic council of the Art Fund of the Ukrainian SSR (1970s) and org-tion of the Union of Artists (1988-91). On creative work. Member of art exhibitions (since 1959), international sculpture symposia (from 1982). Personal exhibitions in Odessa (1991, 2006, 2010). The main branches are easel and monumental sculpture (monuments, memorial plaques, bas-reliefs). For the work of Knyazik A.V. inherent in the generalization of form, expressiveness and expression, grotesque, paradox. Uses bronze, granite, marble, wood. Some of the work is stored in the NHM (Kiev), Dnepropetrovsk. and Odessa HM, the Odessa Literary Museum, the Dante Museum (Ravenna). Major works: monuments to the heroes of the pioneers (Nikolaev, 1959), M. Gorky (1972), The Girl in the Dolphin (1982), Spartak (1988), the lost ships (1992), Deribas (1994), Chernobyl victims (1996), militiamen (1997), A. Mickiewicz, G. Marazli (both – 2004); bust of L. Tolstoy (1965, all in Odessa) sculpture – Trumpeter (1965), Muse (1981), Renewal (1989), Under sail (1994), Sportsman S. Utochkin ( 2001), Dante (2004), Yes, which is worth (2008), The Prophet (2009), Noah (2010); in Odessa there is a memorial. board I. Ilfu (1997) and bas-reliefs of the doors of the church of St. the Great Martyr Tatiana (2004).

Photo: Knyazik A.V. “Monument to Marazli” 2004, bronze

Photo: Knyazik A.V. “Abduction of Europe” 2000, bronze