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Zhalobnyuk S. V.
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Author:Zhalobnyuk Stanislav Valievich


Technic:paper, canvas mixed media



Creating date:2009

Sign existance: yes


The work is published in the album of the collection of paintings “Mikhail Knobel”, took part in various exhibitions of Odessa contemporary art in OXM, NHMU, ISU and others. Sold decorated.

Zhalobnyuk Stanislav Valievich
Zhalobnyuk Stanislav Valievich
1976 г.р.

Ukrainian painter. Stanislav Zhalobnyuk was born in 1976 in Odessa. He received his art education in the Odessa State Art and Theater School named after. M.B. Grekova (Department of Painting) in 1996-2001. Since 1999 – the beginning of exhibition activities. 2000 – a member of the Odessa youth organization NSHU. He takes part in regional, all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions and promotions. Since 2006, member of the National Association of Artists of Ukraine. Zhalobnyuk representative of the new formation of Odessa artists. He is from a generation of people independent, energetic, pragmatic. The artist is focused on success and is ready to work purposefully and methodically to achieve it. Perceiving the situation as a reality, Stas, firstly, willingly uses the experience of his predecessors to expand his artistic practice, and secondly, he constantly works on improving technical skill. The picturesque and technical techniques of many recognized Odessa artists Y. Yegorov, V. Khrushch, V. Tsyupko, O. Voloshinov are woven into his landscape into a very recognizable, almost iconic image of “Odessa painting” – harmonious and luminous, refined and lyrical. Stas tries to reveal the “creative code” of his predecessors, to take the main and most valuable of their artistic experience. This is not just a student study, but a fully conscious professional move, where Zhalobnyuk positions himself as a representative of the Odessa School of Painting. In the non-figurative works of Zhalobnyuk there are answers to the effective color compositions of futurism, the severity of the structural constructions of Suprematism, the explosive energy of expressive abstractionism, the impulsive artistry of gesture painting, the whimsical plastic of abstract calligraphy. This reveals a keen interest in the development of the European fine arts of the last century. Carried away by some artistic task, he does the work at work, seeking the most accurate and complete resolution. So there are whole series of emotional etude improvisations. A special interest in the problems of the correlation of space and the picturesque surface is noted. The internal space of the works of Zhalobnyuk sometimes appears in perspective constructions, sometimes it is condensed and materialized by means of relief solutions. The artist actively uses elements of the collage in his painting, carefully selecting a material object, which, having become an active element of the work, changes the color and spatial characteristics. Among the artist’s works there are also very concise almost conceptual works. In his voluminous assemblies, he composes various types of waste materials, obsolete in everyday everyday life, creating a new aesthetic value. Their language resembles a sign cipher, appealing to the subconscious area, and the works themselves are associated with the mysterious totems of the postindustrial society. The works are kept in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, USA, Russia.
Картинки по запросу Жалобнюк стас художник

Photo: Stas Zhalobnyuk in the workshop.

Photo: Exhibition of Stas Zhalobnyuk at the World Club of Odessa (EKO)

Картинки по запросу Жалобнюк художник

Photo: Poster of the exhibition