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Andriychuk T. M.
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Author:Andriychuk Taras Mikhailovich

Genre:The subject-thematic picture

Technic:canvas, oil



Creating date:2007

Sign existance:Yes


restoration, new subframe

Andriychuk Taras Mikhailovich
Andriychuk Taras Mikhailovich
1961 г.р.

Soviet Ukrainian painter. Andriychuk Taras Mikhailovich was born on February 15, 1961 in Feodosiya, AR Crimea – a painter, monumentalist, graphic artist. Member of NSU (1999). He graduated from the painting department of the Odessa Art College (1987, M. Golushev, S. Kryzhevskaya, V. Alikberov). Since 1987 he works as an artist-designer in the Khmelnitsky artistic and industrial workshops of the USSR Art Fund (now the Khudozh.-Proizvodnyi Kombinat at SKU) and participates in all-Ukrainian, regional, regional and foreign exhibitions. Personal – in Khmelnitsky (1992, 1998, 2000), the city of Netishin (1997). He performed a number of monumental works in Khmelnitsky and Khmelnytsky region. The works are kept in the Art-Plast Netishin Art Gallery. Philosophical, moral ethical issues are typical for A.’s creative work. Uses for years., Mythol. reminiscences, realism combines with the symbolic, associative images. A characteristic feature of the artist. the artist’s system is a semantics. saturation, multidimensionality of details as the symbolic elements of the image. Works: painting – “On Your Shore” (1987); “The Mirror” (1991); “The Way to the Volcano” (1993); “Birthday”, “Marina” (both – 1995); “Stella”, “Edith Piaf: a song for three measures” (triptych), “Wife with a son” (all – 1996), “Ariadne”, “The Boy, read aloud”, “Ice Tree”, “The Maid of Orleans” (all – 1997), “Princess”, “Black sails”, “Olga” (all – 1998), “God’s Maiden”, “Lilith” (both – 2000).

Photo: Andriychuk Taras Mikhailovich (1961) “Olga” 1998

Photo: Andriychuk Taras Mikhailovich (1961) “Crystal tree” 1997 year