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Зарецкая-Григорьева (Нечипоренко) Майя Сергеевна

Зарецкая-Григорьева (Нечипоренко) Майя Сергеевна

1933 – 2001


Ukrainian Soviet painter. Member of the USSR Union of Artists. Zaretskaya – Grigorieva (Nechiporenko) M.S. was born on April 27, 1933, in the family of the artist Grigoryev Sergey Alekseevich (1910 – 1988, Ukrainian painter, professor, People’s Artist of the USSR). In 1958 she graduated from the Kiev Art Institute, where she studied with her father – S. Grigoriev and other teachers – M. Ivanov, M. Khmelko. Since 1965 she took part in republican exhibitions, and since 1967 in all-Union exhibitions. Taught at the Kiev Art School. Pupils: Goncharenko Yu.E. , Tolkacheva A.Z. Was married to an outstanding Ukrainian painter – Zaretsky Viktor Ivanovich. In the artist’s work, the influence and picturesque – the decorative style of Victor Zaretsky is noticeable. He is the author of numerous works on the theme of motherhood and childhood. A beautiful landscape painter. The artist’s works are presented in museum and private collections in Ukraine and abroad. She passed away in 2001 in Kiev.

Photo: Zaretskaya-Grigorieva (Nechiporenko) M.S. :: The work of the pioneers :: 1979