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Zakharov Fedor Zakharovich

Zakharov Fedor Zakharovich

1919 - 1994


Soviet Ukrainian painter. People’s Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine. T.G. Shevchenko, the holder of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and the Badge of Honor. Was born in with. Aleksandrovskoye in the Smolensk region in 1919. The artist graduated from the Moscow Art and Industrial School. M.I. Kalinin, and in 1950 the Moscow State Art Institute. VI Surikov, Faculty of Painting. His teachers were famous Russian artists A.V. Lentulov, G.G. Rizhsky, V.V. Favorsky, I.I. Chekmazov, who taught him not only professional skills, but also instilled a love for the beautiful, to the great Russian national heritage.
At the end of the institute, Zakharov was a teacher at the Simferopol Art College. N.S. Samokisha, since 1953 a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, a member of the Republican, and since 1954 All-Union exhibitions.
The main theme of the artist’s work was the Crimean landscape. Zakharov won the fame of one of the most famous singers of the Crimean nature. The mountains, gardens and vineyards that stretched at their footsteps, the busy working life of the Yalta port workers, the cherished corners associated with the stay of Pushkin, Gorky, Chekhov, Leo Tolstoy, Mickiewicz. His theme is the life of nature. He distinguishes the main components of its elements – form, color and light, and finds a plastic expression for them. He reveals and transmits their relationship, recognizes and shows the action of the forces of nature – rains and winds, snowfalls, sunrise and sunset and the change of seasons. In landscapes, he is not limited to depicting specific details, but seeks to expand the scope of the first impressions and more accurately convey the state of nature with a generalized image. As well as landscapes, Zakharov’s still lifes are distinguished by high professionalism, a subtle compositional solution, and a rich color spectrum. In still life he sought to reflect not only the beauty of the surrounding world and solve complex pictorial tasks typical for the master of Russian painting. People’s Artist of the USSR from 1978. Many of the artist’s works are in the museums of Simferopol, Kharkov, Odessa, Omsk. His works have visited Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Japan, France.
In 1987, for a series of landscapes and still lifes My Motherland Ukraine, Zakharov was awarded the State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR. T.G. Shevchenko. In 1994, Zakharov died.

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Photo: Zakharov FZ “By the Sea”