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Yegorov Boris Kuzmich

Yegorov Boris Kuzmich



Soviet, Ukrainian painter. Member of the USSR Union of Artists. Master of landscape and portrait. Egorov Boris Kuzmich was born in 1925 in the town of Znamenka in the Kirovograd region. A veteran of the Great Patriotic War From 1945 to 1950. studied at the Odessa Art College in N. Shelyuto, N. Pavlyuk, M. Todorov. Since 1950 he has been a participant of regional, republican and all-union art exhibitions. In the 50s of last century Boris Kuzmich met, and then befriended the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. This friendship inspired the artist to create paintings: “Granddaughter and great-granddaughter TG Shevchenko: Ekaterina Maksimovna and Antonina Veremeevna Krasitsky with Bandura” (1950), “Kobzari” (1975), “Memories of Taras” (1969). This friendship inspired the artist to create paintings on the Shevchenko theme. At present, these canvases are kept in the museums of the city of Znamyanka and the Kirovograd regional art museum – in the homeland of the artist. Boris Egorov belongs to a cohort of well-known Zaporozhye artists of the older generation who claimed the identity of the regional pictorial school, tirelessly defended the best traditions of Russian realistic art. Boris Egorov, first of all, a landscape painter. Soul and heart are close to the magical world of the surrounding nature. He very delicately feels the color scale, notices the small details. For example, the cold Baltic Sea in Palanga in the rays of the sun acquires a warm amber tint. This wonderful instant the artist caught and recreated on the canvas. Pictures of the Ukrainian village, the Dnieper, urban landscapes are full of love for the native land. Among the landscapes there are works that can now be regarded as historical documents of Zaporozhye. For example, “The Last Hut on the Quay” (1952), “On the Old Woman Ascension” (1955), “New Buildings on the Trade Unions Square” (1955), “The Prospectus is Under Construction, April 12 Street” (1954) and others. Boris Egorov is the author of a large portrait gallery. The image of a man of labor – a milkmaid, a metallurgist, a scientist – is, first and foremost, spiritual beauty. In the features of the face, the gleam of the eyes, the character of the hero can be seen. For example, in the portrait of Elena Khaustova you can see her strong, strong temper. The creative work of the artist is very voluminous. Over 150 works entered the treasury of Ukrainian fine art – they are kept in museums of Ukraine – Kiev, Odessa, Kirovograd, Zaporozhye, Znamyanka, Polish Krakow, as well as in private collections of foreign connoisseurs of painting. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1972. Works by Egorov BK are stored in Zaporozhye, Kirovograd, Kiev, Odessa art museums, in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. More than 150 works are in the State Art Fund of Ukraine. In Zaporozhye Regional Art Museum in October 2012, a solo exhibition of works by Boris Kuzmich Egorov “Zaporizhzhya my kohane” was held. The main works: “The Friend” (1952), “Winter” (1971), “Topol” (1974), “Druzhinniki” (1978), “The Road to the Temple” (1980), “Golden Khortitsa” (2005). Boris Kuzmich passed away on June 8, 2017.

Photo: Egorov Boris Kuzmich “Stocks” 1971 year

Photo: Egorov Boris Kuzmich “Pilot” 1950 year


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