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Yakutovich Georgy Vyacheslavovich

Yakutovich Georgy Vyacheslavovich



Soviet Ukrainian painter. People’s Artist of Ukraine.
Yakutovich Georgy Vyacheslavovich was born on February 14, 1930 in Kiev. According to Sergei Yakutovich, the famous Ukrainian artist, son of Georgy Vyacheslavovich (interview to the newspaper Ukraina Moloda), Yakutovichi himself from Belarus: Voronovo village of Gomel province. And in Kiev they teamed up with Sincillo. There was such a Sincillo-Stefanovsky, a friend of Taras Shevchenko, who had an art school in Podol and painted churches. Yakutovichi were contractors, they built churches: on this came the misalliance of childbirth. It’s on the paternal side. And by my mother’s – my grandfather studied in the same class with Bulgakov in the First Kiev Gymnasium, great-grandfather – professor of Kiev University St. Vladimir, the founder of the Institute of Microbiology. The future Ukrainian graphic artist Georgy Yakutovich studied art at the Kiev Art Institute. (1948-1954, the class of IN Pleschinsky (1892-1961)). He was influenced by the creativity of George Narbut and the school of “boychukists”, inspired by the folkloric monumentalism and simplicity of Diego Rivera’s creativity. Known for the skilful graphics to the “Fata Morgana” by Mikhail Kotsiubynsky (1957), Yaroslav the Wise, and Sviccine Vesillia by Ivan Kochergi (1962), Maria Gigante’s Cossack Golota (1966), Ivan Franko’s Zakhar Berkut (1972) Maple Leaf “by Vasil Stefanik, to the” Lay of Igor’s Host “(1977). In addition to the book graphics, George Yakutovich created separate engravings on historical themes: Ivan Vyshensky, Oleg Goryslavich, cycles on the themes of Ukrainian folk tales, old Ukrainian music; postcards based on Ukrainian folk songs. The author of the memoirs of Sergei Paradzhanov “Unfinished Confession” in the book “Sergei Paradzhanov., Splash, Tragedy, Eternity.” (K., 1994). Georgy Yakutovich is an artist-producer of iconic films “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” (1964, directed by Sergei Paradzhanov) and “Zakhar Berkut” (1971, directed by Leonid Osika). Was a consultant of the tape “Stone Cross” (1968). Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. People’s Artist of Ukraine (1990). Laureate of the State Prize. Taras Shevchenko (1983, 1991). Honored Artist of the USSR (1968). Corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1988).
Professor of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine (1995). Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Yakutovich G.V. died in Kiev in 2000, is buried in the Baikovo cemetery.

ФPhoto: Yakutovich GV In workshop