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Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna

Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna

1917 - 2005


Outstanding Soviet, Ukrainian painter. People’s Artist of the USSR. Winner of two Stalin Prizes. Prize winner named after T.G. Shevchenko Professor Full member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Ukraine. Hero of Ukraine. Tatyana Nikolovna Yablonskaya was born on February 24, 1917 in Smolensk in the family of artist, graphic artist and teacher of the literature N. A. Yablonsky. In 1928, the Yablonsky family moved to Ukraine to Odessa, and in 1930 – to Kamyanets-Podilsky, then to Lugansk, where in 1933 Tatyana graduated from the seven-year school and entered the Kiev art school. After his liquidation in 1935, he became a student of the painting department of the Kiev State Art Institute, where he studied at the workshop of Professor F. G. Krichevsky. In the beginning of 1941 the first exhibition of works by student Tatyana Yablonskaya took place. In the same year she graduated from the Institute of the specialty “artist-painter”. The artist had a war in the Saratov region, on the Volga. The artist, who was not accustomed to rural labor, worked as a collective farmer, learned to graze livestock, grind and lay hays. Three years of heavy half-starving life led to the fact that, returning to Ukraine in 1944, Tatyana wrote her painting, which instantly made her a regular young artist, the winner of the Stalin Prize (1949) – the famous painting “Bread”. The painting was exhibited in the Tretyakov Gallery, its reproductions could be seen in textbooks, posters, postcards and calendars. From 1944 Yablonskaya T.N. – a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. From this same time the artist begins to teach at the Kiev Art Institute. Soon Tatyana Nilovna received another Stalin Prize for her work “Spring” (1951). Throughout his creative life, the artist has participated in numerous all-Ukrainian, all-union and international exhibitions, among which are the most significant: XXVIII International Art Exhibition in Venice (Biennale, 1956), World Exhibition in Brussels (1958). Since his student years, Yablonskaya has held more than 30 personal exhibitions in Moscow, London, Budapest, Kiev and other cities. During the years of life the artist has been awarded many state awards. In addition to the two Stalin Prizes, she was awarded the State Prize of the USSR for the painting “Lion” (1977), in 1998 she received the National Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko. Awarded the Orders of the Red Banner of Labor (1951), Friendship of Peoples (1977), Honorary Diploma of the President of Ukraine (1997), medals. In 1960 he received the title of People’s Artist of the USSR, and in 1982 – People’s Artist of the USSR. In 2001 he was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine – for selfless service to Ukraine in the field of fine arts, outstanding creative achievements and merits. He was a professor, a full member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Ukraine and Russia. After a stroke that happened in 1999, Tatyana Nilovna was locked into a wheelchair. But the creation of the talented artist did not cease. In recent years, she wrote mostly still lifes and landscapes outside the window of her apartment, since she could no longer go out into the street. She wrote a pastel, learning to do it with her left hand, she could no longer work paralyzed right. Her physical strength faded, but the pictures became even more enlightened and joyful. On the day of death on June 17, 2005, she painted a bright, cheerful bouquet of summer bells. T.N. Yablonskaya died on June 17, 2005. Buried in Kiev on Baykovo cemetery. The canvas of an outstanding artist is in the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), in the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), in the Museum of the Dragon (Taiwan), in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, in the Kiev Museum of Russian Art and many other museums and private collections in Ukraine and abroad. .
In 2005, the deputies of the Kiev city council decided to create a museum of the Hero of Ukraine Tatyana Yablonskaya and assign her name to one of the city streets.

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatiana Nilovna “At the start” 1947

Photo: Yablonskaya T.N. for the creation of the famous painting “Bread” 1949

Photo: T. Yablonskaya “Bread” 1949

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “In the park” 1949

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Nad Dnepr” 1954

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nikolovna “Morning” 1954

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nikolovna “Twins” 1958

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nikolovna “Mother” 1960

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Wedding” 1964

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nikolovna “Together with her father” 1962

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Swans” 1966

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Paper Flowers” 1967

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Life, the founder” 1967

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Seeds” 1969

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Life Continues” 1970

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Lena” 1977

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nikolovna “May” 1965

Photo: Yablonskaya Tatyana Nilovna “Yunost” 1969