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Varennya Nikolay Romanovich

Varennya Nikolay Romanovich

1917 – 2001


Ukrainian Soviet painter and graphic artist. Honored Artist of Ukraine. Associate Professor of Painting. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Was born in 1917 in with. Kalinovoe, Lugansk region. From 1936 to 1940 he studied at the Odessa Art Institute. In 1946 he entered IZHSA them. I. Repin in Leningrad. In 1958 he became a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine, served as the head of the board of the Ivano-Frankivsk organization. Since 1993 – Associate Professor of Art Faculty of the University of Prykarpattya. V. Stefanik. Honored Artist of Ukraine in1987. Lived and worked in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. His works are in museums of Ukraine and Russia, including the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the Ivano-Frankivsk Art Museum, as well as in numerous private collections. The main works: “Out of the Field” (1962), “Lunch of shepherds” (1970); a series of linocuts – “Oilmen of the Valley” (1967), “History of Hutsul” (1985); painting – “The wounded soldier” (1942), “In the day off. Girlfriends “(1955),” Hutsul Fair “(1957),” From the Carpathian Past “(1964),” Prykarpattya. 1941 “(1967),” On the mountain valley “(1969),” Hutsulshchina – the edge of art “,” The owners of the mountain valley “(both – 1975),” Carpathian raid Kolpak “(1985),” Summer in Hutsulschiny “(1988) , Triptych “The Fate of Man”, “Founding Teachers of the Kosovo School of Applied Arts” (both 1989), “Festive Hutsulshchina” (1990), “Holy in the Mountains”, “At the Kosivsky Bazaar”, “Easter Day” (all – 1991 ), “The Girl with a bouquet of flowers” (1992), “The Woman’s Portrait” (1993), “At the Wedding” (1994), “The Legend. Goverla and Prut “,” For Easter “,” An alarming night. Daniil Galitsky “(all – 1996),” Roksolana “(1997).

Photo: Varenya N.R. :: Children in the mountains :: 1974 year