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Smirnov Alexander Gavrilovich

Smirnov Alexander Gavrilovich

1936 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian painter, sculptor. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Alexander Gavrilovich Smirnov was born on August 15, 1936 in a mining family at the Golubovsky mine (Kirovsk, Lugansk region). In 1952-5 the year 7 He studied at the Voroshilovgrad Art School in the sculptural department. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1990, A. Smirnov took part in the creation of the monument in Novo-Aidar pgg of Lugansk region to Ivan Pribludny and in Kirovsk of the monument of the “Defender of the Fatherland”. In the 1970’s. Participated in the exhibition of young artists at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements in Moscow, as well as in republic and regional exhibitions, has 8 personal exhibitions in its activity: 2 in Lugansk, 3 in Stakhanov, 3 in Kirovsk. The works of A.G. Smirnov is in the funds of the Lugansk Art Museum, the Stakhanov Historical and Art Museum and the Kirov City Museum. As sculptor A.G. Smirnov works in different materials, but prefers to carve wood. As a mosaic, A.G. Smirnov took part in the creation of a monumental panel in the museum of the “Young Guard” in the town of Krasny Don, built on the design of his brother-architect V. Smirnov. For many decades, A.G. Smirnov conducted noble work on the restoration of various monuments damaged by time and vandals. Painting for Alexander Gavrilovich – life credo. Artist is sensitive to styles and is receptive to a variety of techniques, which makes his works spectacular and colorful. He writes on canvas, cardboard, paper. Paint strokes always have a different relief and differ in saturation and color contrast. Now the master writes familiar landscapes of his native Donbas from childhood, still lifes, sea sketches. Most of the artist’s life took place in a small mining town of Kirovsk, of which he is an honorary citizen. In the competition “Person of the Year – 2006” A.G. Smirnov is recognized as the “Man of the Year 2006” in the field of culture and art.