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Shchekina Elena Petrovna

Shchekina Elena Petrovna

1980 г.р.


Ukrainian, Odessa artist, candidate of cultural studies, associate professor of the Chair of Culturology and Art History of ONPU. She was born in Izmail, where she studied art at the art school of V. Dudnik. Then she graduated from the OSU. M.B. Grekova, as well as visiting the studio of the famous Odessa artist Y. Yegorov. Graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy ONU. I.I. Mechnikov, as well as graduate school of the Department of Culturology. Since 2002, regularly participates in various art exhibitions, among them more than a dozen solo exhibitions, as well as international expositions. The works of E. Shchyokin are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Odessa, as well as in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, the USA and Israel.

Photo: Shchekina E.P. “Nude”