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Serbutovsky Andrey Andreevich

Serbutovsky Andrey Andreevich



Soviet Ukrainian painter. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. He was born on August 18, 1923 in Poltava. Member of the Great Patriotic War. He worked in the easel painting industry. The main works: “Collective Farm Poultry Farm” (1952); portrait of carpenter MG Kryuchka (1953); portrait of the milkmaid OO Tesle (1955); “On construction” (1961) “; The Unconquered Poltava Woman (1968) and others. Participated in republican exhibitions since 1954. Awarded with the Order of the Red Star and medals. One of the most prominent Poltava artists of the second half of the twentieth century. Takes an honorable place in the domestic art of the period. When Serbutovsky began his journey, the work of artists united under the banner of socialist realism was experiencing its heyday. When Serbutovsky created his latest paintings, Russian art already sought to rethink life in the spirit of the newest creative principles of postmodernism. Andrei Serbutovsky was not destined to become that artist who practically carried out this transition. Until the end of the days he remained faithful to the traditions of realistic painting, he was looking for a way to the plastic embodiment of life’s material, multiplying his outstanding talent by unprecedented diligence. Having received no academic training, Serbutovsky, by the strength of his exceptional talent, quickly reached the highest level of artistic skill, easily solving the most complicated technical problems in painting and drawing. Despite the inherent inherent contradictions inherent in him and the fact that the artist was accompanied not only by achievements, but also by individual failures, Serbutovsky’s work is seen as unusually integral, connected with the moral aspirations of his epoch. The artist possessed the skill of transforming nature into aesthetic value. At the same time, as a real realist, he was well aware of the inner truth of being. Andrei Andreevich Serbutovsky worked fruitfully in different genres – a portrait, a still-life, a thematic picture, but most of all he was attracted by the landscape, organically connected with the everyday genre in a contemplative lyrical image. His paintings contain the beauty of everyday life, are imbued with a sense of admiration for the world, open and artistically express the inherent diversity of the beauty of the nature of Poltava.
In the biography of the master there were difficult periods, however they did not prevent him from winning wide public recognition and at the end of his life he became the owner of the high title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. But the main thing is that the artist stood the test of time authenticity. Over the years, the works of Andrei Andreevich Serbutovsky have not lost their significance, putting forward their creator on a par with the most significant creators of contemporary art culture.

Photo: Serbutovsky A.A. “Grigorievna”

Photo: Serbutovsky A.A. “Hero of the Soviet Union AI Yakushev” 1985

Photo: Serbutovsky A.A. “Veteran of Labor” 1984

Photo: Serbutovsky A.A. “Still life with strawberries” 1991 year

Photo: Serbutovsky A.A. “Still Life with Barberry” 1986

Photo: Serbutovsky A.A. “Still life with barberry” 1984

Photo: Serbutovsky A.A. “On the Meadows” 1990

Картинки по запросу Сербутовский Андрей Андреевич художник

Photo: Artist Serbutovsky A.A. “Near the Lake” 1981