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Sadukov Nikolay Alexandrovich

Sadukov Nikolay Alexandrovich

1928 гр.


Soviet artist. Member of the USSR Union of Artists. He was born in Moscow on March 3, 1928. Education – Moscow Art Institute (MGAHI). The author of numerous subject-thematic paintings on the theme of the Great October Revolution Socialist Revolution, the Civil and Great Patriotic War. Magnificent portraitist. Worked in the Art Fund of the Moscow branch of the USSR Academy of Arts. . Was a sympathetic friend. For a long time Nicholas united friendship with the artist Ilya Glazunov. Creative workshops – next door. (from the story of Ilya: the Council of Khudfond naturally did not accept my work and told me: to have the right to receive and surrender the work, one must be a member of the USSR Union of Artists.) My friend Kolya Sadukov, who ripped up an order for me, knowing about my uneventful poverty, I was upset when I found out that the picture “Lenin against the Kremlin background” that I had executed 1 meter for 2 councils “flogged.” The members of the council unceremoniously asked me how, having received a troika for a diploma in Leningrad and not being a member of the Union of Artists, I have the audacity claim the orders of the Moscow Hudfond Someone said that I would never reach the image of Lenin. “Kolya Sadukov commented with sadness:” Yes, the old man, I was trying for you in vain-they will never miss you, for any interest. “They look at my canvas, which, according to the order, was depicted, according to the order, standing at full height on the background of the Kremlin towers, melancholy added: “I’ll have to rewrite your Volodka from top to bottom! You’ll never feel the style of ordering Khudfond!” A few days later Kolya Sadukov, having “worked” a couple of hours , he did not leave a stone in stone from my Ilyich. On the cobblestones of the Red Square even appeared ultramarine shadow from the sun, and Ilyich began to smile affably. The Council without sound took the work of Nikolai Sadukov, and Kolya nobly shared with me a fee. ) Member of regional, republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions since 1952. The main works “Before the Assault”, “Youth at Lenin”, “For the First Time”, “Vasilyevsky Descent”, “The Battle is Over” and many others. The artist’s paintings are in a variety of public and private collections in Russia and abroad and are highly appreciated.

Картинки по запросу Садуков Николай Александрович художник

Photo: Sadukov Nikolai “In flight”