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Ponomarev Valentin Ivanovich

Ponomarev Valentin Ivanovich

1921 - 1963


Soviet painter. Valentin Ivanovich Ponomarev was born on October 12, 1921. Member of the Great Patriotic War.
Member of the USSR Union of Artists. After the end of the war, VI. Ponomarev lives in Smolensk and together with famous artists V. Ruzho, V. Bukhteev, V. Alekseev participates in the formation of the cooperative association (later called the Association of Smolensk Artists), organizes other artists for the restoration of the war-torn building on the street. Great Soviet (now the House of Artists). In addition to the public, the artist conducts an active creative activity. Valentin Ivanovich – master of genre paintings and portraits, amazing beauty of rural landscapes. His work – a bright page in the culture of the Smolensk region. In 1948, Ponomarev took part in the regional exhibition of works by Smolensk artists devoted to the 5th anniversary of the liberation of the city from fascist invaders. Creativity of the young artist was highly appreciated, he is invited to participate in republican and all-union art exhibitions.
In the early 1950’s, along with other Smolensk artists involved in the design of the “All-Union Agricultural Exhibition” (since 1959 – “Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR”). In the 1950s, the artist moved to Kiev, his paintings take part in the 11th Exhibition of Fine Arts of the Ukrainian SSR (1952), in the Mobile Exhibition of the works of Ukrainian Soviet artists (1953), in the Exhibition of Fine Arts of the Ukrainian SSR, anniversary of the Reunion of Ukraine with Russia (1954). Since 1955 – participant of international exhibitions (Exhibition of Fine Arts of the Ukrainian SSR in the Polish People’s Republic). In 1957 works by Valentin Ivanovich Ponomarev participated in the Exhibition of works of artists of the RSFSR, (Moscow) and the Jubilee Art Exhibition of the Ukrainian SSR (Kiev), dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The artist died on October 8, 1963. Paintings are presented in museum and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France and other countries.

Картинки по запросу Пономарёв Валентин Иванович художник

Photo: Ponomarev V.I. :: Moonlit Night :: 1962