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Photo: Semyon Kaplan. Painting. Graphic arts. Catalog of the exhibition of works.

Photo: Semyon Kaplan. Painting. Graphic arts. Catalog of the exhibition of works.



Soviet Ukrainian painter. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Konstantin Kuzmich Kamyshny (June 2, 1923 – April 12, 2010) was born in the village of. New Orlik Poltava region. While still a schoolboy, he became interested in drawing and his first personal exhibition took place in the 7th grade. From 1950 to 1952 K. Kamyshny studied in Moscow at the All-Union House of Folk Art. From 1968 to 1978 he headed the artistic and industrial combine in the city of Zhitomir. Since the early 1970’s. Kamyshny K. K. was an active participant in republican and regional exhibitions. In 1976, the picture gallery “Gekkoso” exhibited at the exhibition in Japan more than twenty paintings by the artist. Konstantin Kamyshny was a member of the Regional Association of Masters of Folk Art and Crafts “Bereginya” and since 1999 of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Laureate of the award. Lesya Ukrainka (2003). In 2000, Konstantin Kamyshny together with his son Yuri held a joint exhibition “Father and Son”. In 2003, a solo exhibition of Konstantin Kuzmich Kamyshny was organized, timed to coincide with his 80th birthday. After the death of the artist, his works were exhibited in 2013 in Zhitomir in the Literary and Memorial Museum of V.G. Korolenko. And in 2014 in Kiev in the Center of Ukrainian Culture and Art an exhibition “Magic of Art Polesye” was held, at which works of artists from the city of Zhitomir, including K. K. Kamyshnyi, were presented. Brushes of the artist belong to still lifes, landscapes, portraits of famous people of Zhytomyr and the region. The pupil of the artist O. M. Rachkovan (Mironova) recalls: “… landscapes and still lifes – it was these genres of painting that Konstantin Kamishny loved. In still lifes – fruits, flowers and mountain ash. A branch of mountain ash, as a kind of trail that lay through the life and creativity of the family Kamyshnyh. She forever left a red, happy trail, and we – the impression of their work. ” His works are in the Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Local History, as well as in private collections in Ukraine and Russia. USA, Japan. Morocco, Israel, Germany.

Photo: “Kostyantyn Kamishny”
series “Artists of Ukraine” No. 25 of December 8, 2005