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Nizova-Shablykina (Nizova) Sofia Matveevna

Nizova-Shablykina (Nizova) Sofia Matveevna

1918 -1993


Soviet Ukrainian painter, graphic artist. Outstanding Ukrainian Soviet poster. Member of the USSR Union of Artists. She was born on May 30, 1918 in Kharkov. She graduated from the Orel Art College (1934-38), studied at the Kharkov Art Institute (1938), Riga Art Academy (1939-41) in B. Tretyakov, I. Krylov, M. Mairevsky. Member of the KhO SHU since 1954. Participant of republican and all-union exhibitions since 1947. Personal exhibitions: Kharkov – 1957, 1979, 1989; Sumy – 1982; Nikolaev – 1983; Krasnograd (Kharkov region) -1985. Sofia Matveyevna was an excellent graphic artist, she worked fruitfully in the poster genre, often referring to the children’s and school subjects, achieved amazing harmony in her works. The work of the artist is distinguished by the thoroughness of execution, love and attention to his models. Posters of Sofia Nizov are kept in many museums of Ukraine, abroad and in private collections around the world. She died on May 17, 1993 in Kharkov.
From the memories of the students: “Sofya Matveevna Nizova in 1955-1959 worked at our school 107 Kharkov with us. She invited us students of grades 3-6 and we posed for her paintings. I posed for a poster to learn how to do it myself, where girls seamstresses I am very pleased to plunge into the memories It was a very nice woman with beautiful blond hair, slender, very energetic … we all adored her, and every time we pass Odoevsky lane in the city of Kharkov (Kholodnaya Gory) I remember the hours spent at school or in her apartment, posing for her paintings … ”

Картинки по запросу Низова - Шаблыкина Софья Матвеевна художник
Photo: Poster – Everybody knows Oktyabrya – they are friendly guys
Картинки по запросу Низова - Шаблыкина Софья Матвеевна художник
Photo: Poster. Brighter burn our bonfire of friendship
Картинки по запросу Низова - Шаблыкина Софья Матвеевна художник
Photo: Poster – We have friends everywhere
«Ленин и дети. Мечтатели» 1981 - Низова-Шаблыкина (Низовая) София Матвеевна
Photo: Nizova-Shablykina Sofya Matveyevna “Dreamers”