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Kurennoy Andrey Nikiforovich

Kurennoy Andrey Nikiforovich



Soviet Ukrainian painter. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. He was born on December 31, 1921 in the city of Voroshilovgrad (Lugansk). From the age of 6 began to draw, since 1952 – to exhibit. He graduated from Voroshilovgrad Art College. The teachers of Andrei Nikiforovich were V.Z. Kozodoev and MM. Shevchenko. He adhered to the realistic trend in painting. In the main, he dedicated all his works to the theme of the Great Patriotic War, the reconstruction period of the post-war years and peaceful life in the years of Soviet power. The artist presented the themes of these events in the following genres: a thematic picture, a portrait, a landscape, a still-life. “In their paintings, they bring good and joy to people.” So Andrei Nikiforovich Kurennoy defined the philosophy of his works. For the originality of the composition, Andrey Kurennoy is most impressed by Moiseenko’s work, for high professionalism – Melnikov, for the simplicity of compositional solutions – Grigoriev. Among the artists of Lugansk region for high artistic quality, Andrei Kurennoy is singled out by Moses Volstein. Comments on the works of Andrey Kurennoy were written by many journalists and critics: an article by N. Ivantsova on the painting “Minute of Silence”, published in the magazine “Obozotvorchecha mystestvo” (1970); articles I. Panich and I. Gubsky: “Our Hero is a Contemporary” and “Mobile Exhibitions” (“Voroshilovgradskaya Pravda”, 1971-1972).

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Photo: author AN Kurennoy. “Let’s defeat illiteracy” 1981