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Kryzhevsky (Krizhevsky) Grigory Zinovievich

Kryzhevsky (Krizhevsky) Grigory Zinovievich



Ukrainian Soviet painter. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Honored Artist of the USSR. He was born in Kharkov on January 5, 1918. From 1934-1939 he was born in Kharkov. – graduated from the Kharkov Art College. Teachers Yatsenko VF, Deregus M. From 1939-1946. – He fought, was wounded, bruised. Since 1946-1951 years. – graduated from the Kharkov Art Institute. Teachers M. Deregus, P. Kotov, Bondarenko. Since 1951 – moving with his family to Odessa – forever. From 1951-1958 – director and teacher of the Odessa Art College. Since 1949 – participant of art exhibitions. Since 1954 – a member of the Union of Artists. Since 1974 – Honored Artist of Ukraine. For his work he was awarded state orders and medals, Diploma of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, Honorary Diplomas of the Supreme Council of Ukraine and the USSR. The name of Grigory Kryzhevsky is immortalized on memorial plaques in Odessa and Kharkov, included in encyclopedias and reference books, in the World Encyclopedia of 20th Century Artists, which is published in Germany. Grigory Kryzhevsky belongs to the generation of artists who determined the face of the art of the twentieth century. He was born and received an art education in Kharkov, but it was in Odessa, where he was appointed director of an art school, he formed as an artist, genuinely fell in love with a wonderful city by the sea, which became the city of his fate. As a member of the city art council, he did much to preserve the historical center of Odessa, its cultural and artistic heritage, unique architectural ensembles. Even in his student years, the exhibition activity of the artist began. The first creative exhibition-report was held in 1949. Since that time, Kryzhevsky becomes a regular participant of all outstanding art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. His solo exhibitions have always been a bright event in the cultural life. One of them with great success for 10 years wandered through the cities of Ukraine. The artist’s works attracted attention with their bright creative manner, major intense color, general cheerful mood, energetic brushstroke, high culture and refinement of the surface texture of the painting. Kryzhevsky is subject to all genres – a thematic picture, a portrait, a still-life, a landscape. Pictures inherent philosophical understanding of the problems of life. These are pictures of “Medsanbat”, “Soldiers of Odessa”, triptych “Unknown Sailor”, “We are back, Odessa!” – dedicated to the war that he went tanker from the first to the last day. The theme of the romance of the sea and its workers was embodied in the paintings “Dockers of Illichivsk. Brigade A. Korzyuk “,” Dock Shop “,” Illichivsk. ІІ district “,” On ship repair “,” Coal moorage “. The sea Kryzhevsky fervently loved all his life, starting every day from the meeting of the sunrise on the seashore. The evidence of this love is hundreds of seascapes (“Yachts on the shore”, “Crimea, Rocky shore”, “Seiner”, “Spring., Boat repair”, “Gurzuf. Morning on the quay”, “Fishing barges”, “Hadzhibey.” Harmony man and nature is embodied in the pictures “Desniansky girls”, “Chernigovshchina, dried flax.” A significant place in the artist’s creative heritage is taken by the still life, which he considered to be a school of craftsmanship.In still-lifes the artist captures the beauty and weight of the material world (still-lifes “Yuzhny”, “Rustic” “,” Restoration. “The corner of the workshop “Kryzhevsky was a master of the portrait, he wrote people for the most part close to him in spirit, interesting, sharp-witted. They created a whole gallery of portraits: artists Svyatoslav of God, Nikolay Sheluto, Vitaly Patrov, Myron Kipnis, Vyacheslav Tokarev, writers Oleksa Sherengovoy, Alexander Batrov, Vladimir Ivanovich, Igor Neverov, Vladimir Domrina, artist Lyudmila Shirina with whom he was associated with a sincere friendship. The constant nature, the real artist’s muse, was his wife, Antonina Semenovna, a faithful friend and assistant for nearly 50 years. The exhibition presents intimate family portraits of his wife and daughter Svetlana. The top of Kryzhevsky’s portrait art can be considered his “Self-portrait with a brush” of 1969, which was exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, at the only exhibition “Self-Portrait in Russian and Soviet Art,” where only 4 artists represented Ukraine. But most fully artistic talent G. Kryzhevsky affected in the landscape. He traveled a lot, each time bringing hundreds of sketches, which often have the value of completed works. At the exhibition one can see sketches from the earliest (1948-1949 r.r.) and until the last year of life (1991). A characteristic feature of creativity Kryzhevsky is that he never repeats, does not have learned colors. Surprisingly, the master sensed and transmitted the subtlest nuances of color inherent in this particular state of nature – gently lyrical coloring of the Baltic (“At the mouth of the Dvina”, “Riga seashore”, “Latvian landscape”, “Jurmala”), the silvery beauty of the snowy suburbs ( “Village of Whistler on the Klyazma”, “Winter.


Photo: G. Krizhevsky “Flax”

Photo: G. Krizhevsky “Self-portrait”


Photo: G. Krizhevsky “Winter” 1952 year

Автопортрет Крижевский Григорий

Photo: G. Krizhevsky “Self-portrait”

Крижевский Григорий: "Девочка с бантиками"

Photo: G. Krizhevsky “Portrait of a girl” sketch

Картинки по запросу Крижевский григорий зиновьевич художник

Photo: At the exhibition of G. Krizhevsky