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Krichevsky Fyodor Grigoryevich

Krichevsky Fyodor Grigoryevich



An outstanding Soviet painter, the first rector of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, professor. Honored Artist of the USSR from 1940. Fedor Grigorevich Krichevsky was born on May 22, 1879 in Lebedyn, in the family of a paramedic, a baptized Jew. Krichevsky F.I. grew up and was brought up in the small Ukrainian village of Malaya Vorozhba in the Kharkiv region. The gift of the boy was manifested very early – he painted with charcoal, sculpted from clay and bread, and also embroidered, creating ornaments and compositions. Fyodor Krichevsky received his first art education at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1896-1901. Here, according to the artist, the greatest influence was on him A. Arkhipov and V. Serov. In his student years, the artist often spent summer time in the Poltava village of Shishaki, which became the breeding ground for his work. Here he wrote from nature, he studied types and peasant life. After a trip to England in 1902, Krichevsky worked hard and worked hard. His artistic education he decides to continue in St. Petersburg, the Academy of Arts and in 1907 entered the class of the battler F. Roubaud. He also studies in Vienna with Gustav Klimt. After returning home, settles in Kiev, where in 1913 he began to teach at the Kiev Art College, and in 1914 became its director. The main creative achievements of Krichevsky FI in pre-revolutionary times belong to the portrait genre: “Portrait of the wife in a kerchief” (1916), “Portrait of L. Ya. Staritskaya on a gold background” (1914). In 1918-1922 he teaches at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, becomes its first rector. In the 1930s, they were filled with successful and intense creative work. Krichevsky F.I. writes thematic pictures, creates portraits, participates in the competition for the monument to Taras Shevchenko in collaboration with the sculptor S. Merkurov, conducts a workshop at the Kiev Art Institute, in which the Ukrainian Academy of Arts was transformed. Being a talented teacher, Krichevsky FG. brought up a whole generation of painters, among his students were T. Yablonskaya, V. Kostetsky, G. Melikhov, S. Grigoriev. He founded the association of Ukrainian masters “Umo”, he works as deputy chairman of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 1940, Fedor Grigoryevich Krichevsky was honored with the title of Honored Worker of Arts of the Ukrainian SSR. During the years of German occupation he was chairman of the Union of Ukrainian Artists, but neither he nor his wife were extradited to the Germans, despite their Jewish origin. In 1944, tried to go abroad, but the train in which he was traveling, did not have time to move away from Koenigsberg and was surrounded. Krichevsky F.I. was arrested by the NKVD, then released and sent to live in Irpin near Kiev, where he later died. He was reburied at the Lukyanovka cemetery in Kiev in 1965.

Фёдор Григорьевич Кричевский. Невеста

Photo: Krichevsky FI “The Bride”, 1910

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Photo: Krichevsky FI “The girl in a scarf”

Фёдор Григорьевич Кричевский. Мать

Photo: Krichevsky FI “Mother”

Кричевский Ф.. Победители Врангеля . 1934

Photo: Krichevsky FI “The Winners of Wrangel” 1934