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Korobova Natalia Vladimirovna

Korobova Natalia Vladimirovna

1949 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian painter. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Natalia Vladimirovna Korobova was born in 1949 in Zaporozhye. Artistic education NV Korobova received in the Kiev Secondary Art School. T. Shevchenko (1965 – 1968): teachers – D. Bondarenko and Byl. Litovchenko. An outstanding role in the formation of her artistic method was played by her father, the famous Zaporozhye painter Vladimir Korobov. The artist inherited from him the independence and sincerity of the artistic position. Since 1968 – an artist-painter of the Zaporizhzhya Artistic Industrial Complex. Since 1969, N.V. Korobova takes part in All-Union, All-Ukrainian, regional and international exhibitions (Belgium, Finland, France, USA, Japan). In the 1970s, co-authored with Zaporozhye artists performs a monumental painting of the Cocktail Bar and the Teatralny restaurant in Zaporozhye. Since 1986 – Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. From this time on creative work. 1998 – editor of the magazine “Lady”. In the 1990’s he cooperated with the publishing house “Wild Field” (Zaporozhye). 1997 – author of a mock-up and illustrations to the book “Birth of the City” from the series “Popular sketches from the history of Oleksandrivsk”. 2000 – co-author and illustrator of the collection of literary-visual essays “Windows”. N.V. Korobova is the author of many solo exhibitions: 1990, 1995, 1999, 2000, 2011 – Zaporozhye, 1992 – Lahti (Finland), 1998 – Kiev, 2000 – Energodar. Creative way of Zaporozhye artist N.V. Korobovoy began in the 60th years of the last century, when the “Khrushchev thaw” caused a certain cultural renaissance in many regional centers of the former Soviet Union. The role of the artist in the Zaporozhye art process is predetermined, first of all, by the demands of artistic reform, which began in the last decades of the twentieth century. In the early period, which occurs in the late 1960s, the 1970s, N.V. Korobova defined the main direction of creative evolution, giving priority to the embodiment of the immaterial life of the soul. In the creative work of the 1990s and the 2000s, between the categories of eternity and time, a subtle, meaningful connection emerges, thanks to which the characteristic “Korobov” themes of love, life and death, creativity, reflection, contemplation begin to be perceived in the context of life. The artist’s picturesque manner of this time undergoes a series of transformations; in the circle of creative interest includes easel and book graphics, design. Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in 1990 and 1995 in the Zaporozhye Regional Art Museum, in 1992 in the “Home Gallery” in Lahti (Finland), in 1998 in the State Museum. T. Shevchenko in Kiev. Since 1986 Korobova N.V. – Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Works in the field of easel painting. Master of genre painting, psychological portrait, lyrical landscape and still life. Works: “Self-portrait with an apple” (1970), “Portrait of the Georgian artist Next Varamashvili” (1974), “Autumn in the Park” (1974, p., Temp., O.), “Window” (1976, .), “Morning” (1979), “Sunny Day” (1980), “In the workshop. Portrait of the Georgian artist George Tsereteli “(1977 – 1983),” Self-portrait “(1984),” December “(1984),” Summer “(1984),” I work as a clown. Portrait of the Artist of Russia Andrei Nikolaev (1984), Portrait of Artist Ramaz Georgobiani (1985), Sad (1987), Such a Weird Alley (1987 – 1989), Still Life with Red Utensils (1988), “I Go” (1992), “I went” (1992), “Red Window”, “Red Bird of Love and Yearning” (1995), “The Empire of the Red Bird” (1995), “You Remember This Summer” (1995) , “White Trees. March, 1996, Picnic (1998), Khortytsia at the beginning of winter (1998), Getsimansky Sad (1999), Flowers for the Bride (1999), Golden Wind (2001), Irises , on a blue background “(2001),” Evening light over Khortytsya “(2002),” Enchantment of Silence “(2003),” Gurzuf in the Spring “(2003),” Crimea “(2004),” Winter on Khortitsa “(2006 ), “Love” (2006 – 2007). Awarded the A. Kuindzhi medal for participation in the All-Ukrainian Landscape Exhibition (2007, Mariupol).
Works by N.V. Korobova is represented in the Zaporozhye Regional Art Museum, in private collections in Ukraine, the USA, Israel, Germany, France, Poland.

Photo: Natalia Korobova. At a personal exhibition

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