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Kordyaka Mikhail Nikolaevich

Kordyaka Mikhail Nikolaevich

1929 г. р.


Soviet Ukrainian artist of decorative and applied art, ceramist. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. He was born on January 23, 1929 in the village of Podzverintsy (Lviv region). He graduated from the Lviv School of Applied Arts (1957). Teachers by specialty – T. Matvienko, M. Skibinsky. He worked in the decorative arts (artistic ceramics), easel, monumental and decorative sculpture. Worked from 1961-1988 as an artist in the ceramic shop of the Lviv factory of soft roofing. Member of regional, all-Ukrainian and international art exhibitions since 1960. Personal – in Lviv (1990), Sambori (Lviv region, 2009). The author of monumental sculptures, sculptures of small forms, household ceramics, the creator of ceramics technology. Polychromised murals performed on a white background or achieved a decorative effect with the help of nuances of gradations of color effects. Gave the advantage of geometric ornamental motifs, supplementing with fragments of an imaginative character. Some works are kept in the National Museum named after TG. Shevchenko. The main works: a ceramic sculpture – Zaporozhets, Oprishok, The One That Tears the Tombs (all – 1960), Tarasova Noch (1961), Kazkoviy Ptitsa (1962), Lukash and Nymph (1964) ), “Tenderness” (1967), “Music” (1968), “The Song” (1969), “I. Franco, T. Shevchenko “(both – 1971),” Winner “(1972),” Tamer of the Horse “(1973),” Cossack Mamai “(1976),” Roosters “,” Horseman “,” Kuropatka “(all – 1980); fountain “Ivan – the peasant’s son” (1964, Chernivtsi); sets – for drinks “Romashka” (1975), for borsch (1996); vases – “Kiiv” (1980), “Night on Ivan Kupala” (1981), “Morning” (1983); coffee service – “Levada” (1984); decorative plates – Bereginya, Zvezda, Klinya (all – 1988); monuments to the fallen soldiers in World War II (Shum’yach Turkov, Lviv region, 1988), T. Shevchenko (Podzverinets, 1991); decorative vases – “Tripillya” (1999), “Sisters” (2005), the Mother Motherland monument on the communal grave in the village of Knyazheskiy, Snyatyn district, Ivano-Frankivsk region (1969) and others. Participated in republican exhibitions since 1961.

Photo: Decorative vases “Sisters” 2005 year