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Klimenko Fedor Maksimovich

Klimenko Fedor Maksimovich

1937 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian painter, graphic artist. People’s Artist of Ukraine. Fedor Maksimovich Klimenko was born on May 22, 1937 in the village of Nikolaevka in the Dnepropetrovsk region. In 1961 he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State Art School. Teachers – N. Pogrebnyak, N. Borovsky, N. Rodzin. Member of foreign, all-union, republican and regional art exhibitions since 1961. The main exhibitions: 1961 – regional art exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the death of T. Shevchenko; 1965 – Republican art exhibition “on guard of peace”; 1967 – Republican art exhibition of works by young artists; 1967 – ІІІ All-Union Exhibition of Prints. dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution; 1971 – XXVIII reporting exhibition of works by artists of Dnepropetrovsk “Artists – workers of the Order of Petrovka”; 1972 – exhibition of works of artists of the USSR “Blooming Soviet Ukraine”, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the formation of the USSR, Kiev, Moscow; 1973 – art exhibition of young Soviet artists abroad, Prague (Czechoslovakia), Warsaw (Poland), Berlin (GDR); 1976 – Republican exhibition of prints; 1981 – Personal exhibition “Songs of my land”, Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum; 2011 – the exhibition. dedicated to the opening of the first private art gallery “Elisavetgrad”, Kirovograd; 2012 – Personal exhibition “Native Prisamarye”, Novomoskovsk Museum of History and Local History named after Peter Kalnyshevsky; 2012 – regional exhibition “Artists – anniversary of the region”, exhibition hall of the Dnepropetrovsk organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk; 2014 – “From the source to the present. Dnipropetrovsk School of Painting, Museum of Ukrainian Painting, Dnepropetrovsk. Member of the NSHU (1967). Honored Artist of Ukraine (1989). People’s Artist of Ukraine. “Honorary Citizen of Novomoskovsk” (2012). “One of the features of the creativity of F. Klimenko – constant search, he never stops on what has been achieved, he works thoughtfully, slowly, looking for new imaginative concepts and plastic possibilities for lithography … As in the graphics, the basis of his landscapes is what the artist loves and knows infinitely – the nature of native Ukraine “(from the entry of Bogdanova LV to the catalog of the exhibition in 1981). The main works:” River Izhma “(1963),” In the Renovated Land “(1963),” Fresh Wind “(1964) “Peace Song” (1965); The series “National crafts” (linocut, 1969), “Industrial Dnieper” (autolithography, 1974), “June is haymaking time” (autolithography, 1976), “Clean crinits” (autolithography, 1976), “Rushniki” (autolithography, 1981). The artist’s works are kept in the Dnepropetrovsk Historical Museum. DI Yavornytsky, Novomoskovsk Museum of History and Local History named after Peter Kalnyshevsky, as well as in numerous museum and private collections in Ukraine, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Great Britain.

Photo: “Fedor Maksimovich Klimenko”. Catalog.
Personal exhibition of works “Songs of my land”. The Dnepropetrovsk Art Museum.

Photo: Klimenko F.M. :: Autumn still life :: 1988 year