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Kirichenko Sergey Alekseevich

Kirichenko Sergey Alekseevich

1959 г.р.


Ukrainian painter. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Sergey Kirichenko was born in 1959 in the city of Nikopol. He graduated from the Odessa Art College. Grekova in 1991. And already in 1994 he became a member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Participated in many international, all-Ukrainian and regional exhibitions. The thirst for drawing came to Sergei already in adulthood: after the metallurgical college he went from his native Nikopol to Odessa, to enter the famous Grekovka. In dostoydanovsky period Sergey created abstract canvases, and now he boldly experiments with different techniques and materials. The open and sincere decorativeness of the artist’s paintings captures – all of Sergey’s works embody the power of opposition: “life squeezes you, but you do not succumb, you want to blossom.” That’s why Sergey Kirichenko’s works create a magical, decorated with flowers, filled with cheerfulness, warmth, tenderness – like the overcoming of dark times not only by the author, but by the whole country. His works are in the Odessa Art Museum, in the municipal museum of private collections named after A.V. Bleschunov, in Khmelnytsky art museum and private collections.

Картины (живопись) : На пляже.

Photo: Artist Sergei Kirichenko “Sea”

Картинки по запросу Сергей Кириченко художник

                Photo: Sergey Kirichenko at the opening of the exhibition