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Kichula Grigory Fedorovich

Kichula Grigory Fedorovich

1932 г. р.


Soviet Ukrainian artist of decorative and applied art, an outstanding ceramist. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Born September 6, 1932 in the village Firleevy (Ivano-Frankivsk region). He graduated from the Lviv Institute of Decorative and Applied Art (1967). Teachers by specialty – M. Gladky, J. Latuk, R. Selsky, D. Krvavich. He worked in the decorative arts (glass, ceramics) and sculptures of small forms. From 1993-2004, Associate Professor of Design and Architecture at the Institute of Architecture. In ceramics he created a small plastic; monumental works performed in the techniques of stained glass, mosaic; the main genres in painting are portraits, landscapes. For the creativity of Kichula characterized by a weighty composition, the use of golden din with the interspersion of cold tones. He created a series of portraits of outstanding Ukrainian figures from different eras. Separate works are kept in NMMUND, MEHP, Lviv Historical Museum, Hetman’s Museum (Kiev). The main works: decorative plates – “Lesya Ukrainka”, “T. Shevchenko “,” I. Franco “,” Daniel Galitsky “,” Prince Leo “(all – 1963),” Triple Music “(1969),” Art critic, architect G. Lipka “(1981),” Getman I. Mazepa “(1992); sculpture of small forms – “Have” (1963), “Carp and Odark,” “Spring-haive” (both – 1967), “Carols” (1968), “Forest Song” (1971); sculptural compositions – Obzhinka, Tree of Life, Svyato Sickle (all – 1972), Awakenings (1989); mosaic decoration. Panels – Chemistry, Trud, Derevo (1975), Painting – Self-Portrait (1982), Under Berestechkom (1984), V. Collodiy (1987), participated in exhibitions of republican and all-Union 1964.

Photo: Kichula Gregory decorative plate “Getman Ivan Mazepa” 1992