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Khokhlenko Viktor Glebovich

Khokhlenko Viktor Glebovich

1956 г.р.


Ukrainian artist, sculptor. Victor Khokhlenko was born in 1959 in Odessa. Graduated from the Odessa State Art College. M. Grekov (1975). He is engaged in painting and sculpture. Lives and works in Odessa and Auroville in India. Participant in numerous exhibitions. His creativity is surrounded by colorfulness, simplicity and insidiousness, and the contradictory nature of the east with the brilliant secularism and Europeanism of the West. Like all talented people, he is talented in a variety of ways. Expression is available to him both in the plane and in the three-dimensional image. His sculptures are sweeping, charming Indian girls, or boys, or deities with proportions of the puts, with the peaceful expressions of persons, set up as Netsuke, almost perfect. The nuances of the artist are transmitted by various techniques. In painting and graphic, it is dread, latitude, neglect of the proportions that create the effect of ala-prima (mode of performance in one session, without preliminary preparation), improvisation. In glyptics and petty plastic – the thoroughness of working out. There are no secondary, transitory moments here. Here everything is important, even the detail of the pendant in the form of a miniature cherubim, interpreted in animal style. The pleasure of the surface filled with miniature details, the savor of the finest relief fluctuations, and at the same time the ability not to fall into the sweetness, often so characteristic of the miniature, and vice versa, to preserve the monumental nature of the images, their height and grandeur.

Хохленко Виктор: "Город"

Photo: Viktor Khokhlenko “City”