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Kechedzhi Alexander Gavrilovich

Kechedzhi Alexander Gavrilovich



Soviet Ukrainian artist. Member of the USSR Union of Artists. Born April 1, 1918 in Mariupol in an ordinary labor family. Since childhood he liked to paint, and although he graduated from the FZU (factory factory) after seven classes and worked as a turner at the plant, he did not let go of art. Therefore, in 1937, entered and graduated from the Odessa Art College (1937 – 1941). He studied with E. Bukovetsky, D.K. Krainev. Member of the USSR Union of Artists (Ukraine) since 1970. Of all the genres, Alexander Gavrilovich liked painting portraits most of all. Only not the leaders and chiefs, but the working people. Stalevarov, builders, fishermen, collective farmers and, of course, front-line soldiers. Kechedzhi Alexander Gavrilovich is one of the pillars of the Mariupol association of artists in the post-war, 40-ies of the twentieth century. Member of the Great Patriotic War. Worked in the field of easel and monumental painting. He created a mosaic panel on the facade of the cinema named after him. T.G. Shevchenko in Mariupol (1964-1965), co-authored with N.G. Tikhonov and Ya.G. Reizin). Member of the republican (since 1960), regional (since 1957) exhibitions. The paintings are kept in Mariupol XM, the Museum of the History of the plant. Ilyich (Mariupol), KG Krasny Luch, in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. The main works: a portrait of the old Bolshevik DI Bakhtadze (1958); portrait of the Zaporizhstal mining plant by A. Lykov (1959); “The Horn” (1967); mosaic panel of the ex-terrier of the TG Shevchenko cinema in Zhdanov (1966 – 1967) and others.

Photo: Kechedzhi A.G. “Children”

Парусная регата конец 60 х. гг. Кечеджи Александр Гаврилович

Photo: Kechedzhi AG “Regatta”