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Kalmykov Grigory Odysseevich

Kalmykov Grigory Odysseevich

1873 – 1942


Russian artist. He was born in Kerch. He studied at I. Aivazovsky in Feodosia (1889), graduated from the Odessa Drawing School (1893), where he was a student of K. Kostandi. Since 1893 he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in A. Kuindzhi. In 1895, Mr .. received the title of class artist of the third degree, in 1897 – the title of the artist for the paintings “Moonlit Night in Kikeneiz”, “Foggy Morning” “Surf at the Iron Rocks” and “Twilight”. He lived in St. Petersburg-Leningrad. He mainly painted landscapes, preferred marine themes, often visited the Crimea. At exhibitions since 1892 (the Academy of Arts, the Society named after AI Kuindzhi, the All-Russia Art Exhibition of 1896 in Nizhny Novgorod, etc.) his works were exhibited: “Bashibuzuk on horseback in the Caucasus Mountains” (1892), “Krestovsky (1896), The East Coast of the Crimea (1897), Zakholustye (1898), The Night on the Neva (1899), The Winter Storm (The Snowstorm Kerch (1901), South Night, The Sphinx at the Academy of Arts (1908), The Storm at the Shores of Sudak (1909), The Heat Before the Rain (1911), The Caucasus (1912), Field flowers “(1913),” The Kerch Proletariat willow “(1914),” Winter in Finland “(1915),” Crimea. Otuz Bay “(1916),” Crimea. The Coast of the Sea of ​​Azov “,” Winter in Petrograd “,” The Portrait of Mr. N. “(1917),” In the Summer in the Village “(1918),” The Southern Steppe “(1919),” The Rise of the Moon at the Shores of the Crimea “(1927) and others. In the 1930s he painted the paintings “The death of the icebreaker” Chelyuskin “,” The Ice Campaign of 1918 during the Civil War “, etc. Works by G. Kalmykov were exhibited in Munich (1901), an exhibition of his works was held in St. Petersburg ( 1900). A number of Kalmykov’s works were reproduced on old postcards. The artist’s works are kept in the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg (“On the Embankment in the Winter”, 1890s), GYARMZ (Perseus and Andromeda), the Central Research Geological Prospecting Museum (St. Petersburg: “Crimea, Kerch Strait. Entrance to the Azov Sea “,” North Caucasus, Taman “,” Cliffs near the Black Sea near Kerch “, a number of paintings on the history of the Earth – all 1930), the Museum of the Mining Institute (series of paintings about the origin of the solar system – 1932) Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic (St. Petersburg: “Icebreaker” J. Stalin “on the way to the Arctic” – 1940), Yaro Painting G.O. Kalmykov “A. Kuinji feeds pigeons “(1910) is located in the funds of the Mariupol Art Museum. A.I. Kuindzhi. G.O. Kalmykov died during the siege of Leningrad.

Photo: AI Kuindzhi with students, 1897 (KF Bogaevsky is sitting on the far right, he is sitting fourth on the left (in the center) – AI Kuindzhi, stands first on the left – GO Kalmykov

Картинки по запросу Калмыков Григорий Одиссеевич художник

Photo: A family photograph taken on B. Grebetskaya, (the description is from right to left). Sit: 1. Grandfather Alexei Vladimirov. 2.- 3. The wife of Baron Stieglitz. 4. Kalmykov Grigory Odysseevich (photo artist until 1905)

Похожее изображение

Photo: Kalmykov G.O. “Black Sea Coast”. The turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Photo: Kalmykov G.O. “Evening on the shore.” The turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Photo: Kalmykov G.O. “Night at the Sea”. The turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

Картинки по запросу Калмыков Григорий Одиссеевич художник

Photo: Kalmykov G.O. “Moonrise in the Otuzah.” 1905-1910 years.

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