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Grishchenko Varvara Pavlovna

Grishchenko Varvara Pavlovna

1948 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian painter. Varvara Pavlovna Grishchenko was born on August 3, 1948 in the village of Olkhovatka, Voronezh Region. Professional skills she studied at the Crimean Art College. NS Samokisha from 1970 to 1974. Grishchenko was a free listener at the Institute. Repin, in Leningrad, where her husband studied artist Ivan Grishchenko. A careful study of the works of old masters in the Hermitage and the Russian Museum was not wasted – all this helped the creative development of the beginning artist. In Sevastopol lives and works since 1981. He has been a member of the creative team of the Sevastopol city organization of the National Union since 1982. Since 1988, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, and since 2014 a member of the Sevastopol regional branch of the All-Russia Union of Artists, Union of Artists of Russia,. Since 1982 he has been taking part in the city, All-Crimean and All-Ukrainian exhibitions. Spent three solo exhibitions, was at the All-Ukrainian open-air festival in Sevastopol and at the international one in Tarkhankut. Owning the compositional gift creates easel paintings: “Relay” – (1983), “Brigade of builders of the Crimean nuclear power plant” – (1984), “End of summer” – (2002), “early snow” – (2009). A fine master of drawing in a series of portraits made in the technique of sanguine: “Self-portrait” – (1986), “Portrait of a tractor driver” – (1984), “Portrait of the Mother” – (1990), “Haymaking. Father “- (1990),” The builder of the Crimean nuclear power plant “- (1984),” Komsorg armored train “- (1985). A talented colorist, manifests itself in landscapes that glorify the city and the wonderful nature of the Crimea: “Morning Balaklava” – (2002), “Gurzuf. Chekhov’s Bay “- (1994),” Noon. Gurzuf “- (2003),” Updated Chersonese “- (2001). With a special Force, her talent develops in a series of still lifes, which are distinguished by a stylish solution, complex compositional plasticity, subtle lyricism, major color saturation. attentive attitude to the realistic traditions of the Crimean school of painting. Namely, the still lifes of Varvara Grishchenko give us in addition what brings with it spring and hot Crimean summer, generous with a rich color: “Irises in a blue vase” (2002), “Red and white roses” (2007), “Still Life with plums “- (2008),” Still life with white chrysanthemums “- (2003),” Yellow chrysanthemums “- (2006),” Flowers near the sea “- (2003). For decades of active creative activity, Varvara Grishchenko was able to find her own individual creative manner of color and style, create her recognizable world of beauty, professionally use the color richness of the sunny Crimea, which always is and will be a source of inspiration. Her works are in museums of Sevastopol, Simferopol, in private collections of countries near and far abroad. Reproductions of her works were published in the periodical press of the Sevastopol and Crimean newspapers and were shown in various TV programs, as well as in Kiev. In 2007, a magazine appeared from the series “Artists of Ukraine”, dedicated to the work of Grishchenko Varvara Pavlovna №13 (93). Turning in his work to almost the entire genre spectrum – whether it’s a landscape, a still-life, a genre picture, or a portrait – Varvara Pavlovna revealed herself as an artist who fluently owns a brush, a pasty brushstroke, her own style of writing. First of all, professionalism, maturity, mastery cause constant interest to the creativity of the master, this is confirmed by her solo exhibitions, which were successfully held in the Sevastopol Art Museum named after A.Sh. M. P. Kroshitsky – (2003), in the House of the Artist of Simferopol – (2009), in the Central House of Artists in Kiev – (2010). Creativity Varvara Pavlovna Grischenko is known, not only to residents and numerous guests of the city of Sevastopol, but also in the Crimea and Ukraine. Her love for painting was and remains a stimulus for constant creative work, an example for young artists. She deservedly is respected among artists. Vigorous, strong-willed, emotional Varvara Pavlovna Grishchenko takes part in the civil life of our collective with great inspiration, she was elected and worked as chairman of the trade union committee, chairman of the revision committee of the Sevastopol city organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. took part in charitable activities. She created a permanent gallery at the school №61 in Sevastopol, gave author’s works to the boarding school № 21, to the House of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War. For creative activity and diligent work Grishchenko Varvara was awarded with Honorary Diplomas of the NSAU of Ukraine, Department of Culture and Tourism of the Sevastopol State Administration, diploma of the Sevastopol city organization of the National Union of Artists. List of exhibitions: 1. “Portrait of a Young Builder” – х. m. (100 – 80) see Republican Art Exhibition, Kiev, 1982.
2. “Self-portrait in a Hutsul costume” – х. m. (80 – 65) see Republican art exhibition, Kiev, 1983 3. “Relay” (together with Grishchenko Ivan Mikhailovich) – х. m. (120 – 100) see Republican art exhibition, Kiev, 1983 4. “The team of builders

Photo: On the personal Sevastopol artist Varvara Pavlovna Grishchenko.

Photo: Grishchenko V.P. “Autumn still life”.