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Gladky Mikhail Zakharovich

Gladky Mikhail Zakharovich

1923 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian sculptor, ceramic artist. Works in the field of arts and crafts. Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences since 1978. Born February 13, 1923 in the village. Petrovka-Romenskaya of the Poltava region. Member of the Second World War. He graduated from the Lviv Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts in 1957. Teachers: V. Monastyrsky, I. Yakunin, where he worked since 1950. Since 1962 – the teacher, from 1971 – 1977 – the head of the department. Since 1987 – Associate Professor, since 1991 – Professor of the Department of Sculpture and Ceramics. Major works in the field of miniature painting, Graphs and sculptures of small forms and easel sculpture. Artistic – household, decorative – architectural ceramics. Member of the republican (since 1961), All-Union and international art exhibitions. Personal – in Lviv in 1995. The works are in museums of Ukraine and abroad. The main works: the Sestra (1960); decor. vases – “T. Shevchenko “(1961),” Travina “(1963),” Necklace “(1964),” Poltava tunes “(1969),” Classical “(1978); sculptures of small forms – “Gutsulka” (1961), “Triple Music” (1966); sets – liqueur “Jubilee” (1967), coffee “Mirror”, for vareniki “Pisaniy” (both – 1970), for beer “Lviv” (1977), for breakfast “Rosinka” (1987); keram. products in the interior of Sumy. music-drama. theater them. M. Shchepkina (1979); decor-themat. panel “Rhythms of the Game” (1986); sculptural portrait of the Hero of the Soviet Union P. Ribalka (1977), portraits – “Natalia” (1977), “Colonel D. Nechay – associate of the. Khmelnitsky “(1978), poet-warrior V. Glotov (1979), Heroes of the Soviets. The Union of M. Klimov (1980) and I. Bovkun (1985), the composer G. Gladky (1989), Les Kurbas (1990), V. Vinnichenko (1991), Cardinal Joseph Slepoy (1992); “The Road to the Parent’s Home” (1991), “The Strings of My Heart”, “The River Synyak in Winter”, “Memory-33” (all – 1992), “Winter in the Carpathians”, “Morning in Verkhovyna” (both 1994) “Morning Silence” (1995), “The Fathers of the Well” (2003).

Photo: Mikhail Gladky “Memory 33” 1992 year, pastel pasteboard