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Eremin Boris Alexandrovich

Eremin Boris Alexandrovich

1948 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian painter. Honored Artist of Ukraine (2009). Was born in 1948, with. Uch-Tereks, Osh region, Kyrgyzstan. He graduated from Lugansk Art College (1969) from T. Kapanets. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1980. Works in the field of easel painting – thematic painting, landscape, still life. He participated in numerous exhibitions, including foreign ones: Erusalim, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat. Israel, 1992; San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dever, Memphis. USA, 1993; International Festival “ART-98”; the first and second international art exhibitions “Odessa ART-98” and “Odessa ART-99”, “Slobozhansky Meadow”, Lugansk, 2000; International Festival “ART-99” and “ART-2000”, Kiev. He was part of the creative groups at the construction of the Stan 3600, the Azovstal plant, the Rovno nuclear power plant, and others. Personal exhibitions: Yerusalim, Yakov Lupo Gallery, 1992; Donetsk, 1993,1994, 1996,1997, 1998, 2009. He was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Central Committee of LKSMU, 1981; a diploma of the International Festival “Odessa-ART”. The works are kept in Donetsk HM, Mariupol KM in many public and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Ерёмин Борис - Украинский натюрморт

Photo: Boris Eremin “Ukrainian Still Life”