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Dulfan Dmitry Lucienovich

Dulfan Dmitry Lucienovich

1971 г.р.


Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, author of light sculptures, objects, installations, performances. Dmitry Dulfan was born in 1971 in Odessa. He graduated from the Odessa State Art College. M. Grekov (1991). Lives and works in Odessa. The son of the famous Odessa painter Lucien Dulfan in the nineties determined himself in his creative search, giving preference to the so-called “new art”. The works of this artist in the genre can be defined as light sculptures and installations. Experts compare them with the luminous forms of another life, aliens, aliens, which can not be unequivocally attributed to the animal or plant world. Dulman’s works are clearly a product of the inner world – fleeting visions are transformed into material objects. He shows us the presence of these images, makes this amazing reality accessible to the normal waking consciousness. In the early 90’s the artist invented his own unique models of light installations. At first it was manually made of fluorescent lamps, paper and fabric “virtual gardens”, their phantasmagoric flowers and plants radiated “burn-out senses.” Then Dmitry Dulfan unified the neon of “acidic” colors with mirrors and various “alchemical” equipment (bulbs, tubes, coils) and achieved various optical effects and distortions. In recent years, he creates fanciful “lamps” of various sizes and shapes, which the artist himself calls “temnilnichkami.” Initially, it combines gypsum and silicone to create various shapes and textures. Today he works with cellophane – he melts the packaging material into strange creatures. Experience shows that, no matter how much Dmitry Dulfan experimented, even the most ardent opponents of the “new art” admire the aesthetic perfection of his works. Painting Dulfan Jr. – a special theme. This is more of an attraction, ironic and outrageous. The concoction of shocking things at this exhibition turned out to be paintings from the series “Arcana”, enclosed in frames of “temnilnichkov.” The heroes of these canvases are nonformals cultivating who hemp, who are the poppies, and who and the hallucinogenic mushrooms. The echo of the good old nineties, when the bohemian confused the creative flight with experiments that “expand consciousness.” Now it is already clear to everyone that it is better to expand consciousness without any excesses of bad things, but you can not play pranks on canvases. Dmitry Dulfan, unlike his famous father, is not asked questions, the answer to which in the Soviet era was supposed to be one: “We will not understand.” Now the artist feels like a citizen of the universe …

Девочка и глаз

Photo: Dmitry Dulfan “Girl and the eye”

                        Photo: Dmitry Dulfan “Stump and mosquito”