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Bondarenko Pyotr Kuzmich

Bondarenko Pyotr Kuzmich

1915 - 1992


Soviet Ukrainian painter. Member of the USSR Academy of Arts. He was born on August 30 (September 12) 1915, Chernyanka, Kursk Province. In 1939 he graduated from the Leningrad Artistic and Pedagogical School. V.A. Serov. He studied with Vasily Yakovlevich Beringer and Nikolai Andreevich Tyrsa. Participant of the war, was in captivity. After escaping, he fought in a partisan detachment. He worked in the field of easel and monumental and decorative painting. Author of numerous landscapes and genre paintings. The works are kept in Lugansk regional HM in other public and private collections in Ukraine and abroad. Some works: mosaics and murals Shakhtar (1961), Soviet Passport (1965), Voroshilovgradschina (1965), Neptune (1965), Donets Land (1969), Solnyshko (1970), “Wings” (1982). The paintings “Self-Portrait” (1946), “The Last Gypsies” (1956), “The Researcher of the Donbass Basin” LI Lutugin “(1957),” The Blue Spring “(1958),” At the Pier “(1959),” The Years Young ” (1960), “View of the Tomb of the Tomb” (1961), “Among Flowers” (1962), “The Girl in Red” (1964), “Portrait of Frunze”, “Sergei Yesenin” and many others.

Photo: “Portrait of the Hero of Socialist Labor Kolesnikov O.Ya.” Bondarenko Pyotr Kuzmich

Photo: “Portrait of Hero of Socialist Labor Skripnikova NN” Bondarenko Pyotr Kuzmich