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Shulga Ivan Nikolayevich

Shulga Ivan Nikolayevich

1889 - 1956


An outstanding Soviet, Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, poster artist. Master of thematic paintings, portraits and landscapes.
Ivan Nikolaevich Shulga was born on October 19 (31), 1889 in the village of Mikhailovka in the Taurian province of the Russian Empire, now – Skadovsky District, Kherson Region of Ukraine. Since 1906, he studied at the Art College of the Odessa Society of Fine Arts, where his teachers were KK Kostandi, GA Ladyzhensky, DK Krainev. In 1911, graduating with honors from the school, I. Shulga was recommended for admission to the Imperial Academy of Arts to the picturesque department without passing the entrance examinations. From 1911 to 1917 he studied at the Higher Art School under the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg (now – the St. Petersburg State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after IE Repin), where his teachers were: I. I. Tvorozhnikov, Ya. F. Tsionglinsky, VE Savinsky. In the walls of the Academy Shulga continued his friendship with his fellow countryman AA Shovkunenko, the first acquaintance with which happened in the Odessa School. This friendship and creative rivalry were preserved in the following years. Since 1922 Shulga I.N. lived and worked in Kharkov, taught painting and drawing at the Kharkov State Art Institute, and also worked in the editorial offices of Kharkov newspapers and magazines. Since 1926 – a member of the Association of Artists of Red Ukraine. In 1930, Shulga moved to the Ukrainian Art Association, which included F. Krichevsky, I. Izhakevich, K. Trokhimenko, G. Svetlitsky and other famous artists. Since 1938 – a member of the Kharkov branch of the Union of Soviet Artists of Ukraine. Since 1927 he has been a participant of numerous regional, all-Ukrainian, republican, all-Union, international and foreign art exhibitions. The artist was awarded the medal “For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.”
In 1946, Shulga I.N. was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR. Ivan Nikolaevich Shulga had a multifaceted talent and worked in different genres. He painted portraits, genre paintings, landscapes, seascapes, in the nude genre, historical genre, still lifes, panels, postcards, political posters, illustrated magazines and books. He worked in the technique of watercolor, drawing in pencil, gouache, ink and sanguine, pastels, oil and tempera painting. Works are stored in collections:
– The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (Moscow). – State Historical Museum (Moscow) – Art Gallery of Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow Region. – The National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kiev). – National Museum of Taras Shevchenko (Kiev). – Poltava Museum-Estate VG Korolenko. – Kharkov Art Museum. – Kherson Art Museum. – In private collections in Ukraine, in Russia, as well as in countries far abroad. According to A. Tolstoukhov and I. Sharov’s rating of the artists of Ukraine, Ivan Nikolayevich Shulga is included in the list of 100 most outstanding artists of Ukraine. The artist is included in the “Unified artistic rating of 10000 best artists of the world (XVIII-XXI centuries). Artists of two-dimensional space. ”

Photo: Shulga I.N. :: Spilling of the Dnieper in Podol