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Korovenko Vasily

Korovenko Vasily

1943 г.р.


Ukrainian artist. Vasily Korovenko was born in 1943. In 1963 he graduated from the first course of the Philological Faculty of the Omsk State University. Mechnikov. 1967 he graduated from the Art College. M.B. Grekova. Lives and works in Odessa. The participant of informal art exhibitions of Odessa nonconformists. The beginning of the creative activity of V. Korovenko, a graduate of the Art College. Grekova, coincided with the years of the social underground of the 60-70s, the last century. The artist himself did not become a freedom fighter, he did not write seditious works. His intimate works did not represent an opposition to socialist realism, but as Mikhail Shemyakin recalled: “We were thrown into psychiatric hospitals for simple still lifes, or sent to remote places.” Artist with a difficult fate. The beginning of his work belongs to the period of the underground 60-70-ies. Korovenko writes pictures with his vision of the world, which only the viewer can not accept. However, those who have this conditionality and understatement understandable and pleasant, receive great pleasure from his creations. Immersion in this world of shadows, expensive for the artist images of the XVIII-XIX centuries, is a short rest from the bustle and unpleasant realities of the present century … Personal exhibitions were held in Odessa (1983) and Kiev (2007). Lives and works in Odessa. The author of symbolic compositions that refer to European culture of the 16th – 19th centuries. Exhibited at numerous auction sites. Works are in private collections in Ukraine and Russia and abroad.

Photo: Korovenko Vasily “Portraits”

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