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Kolosov Viktor Leonidovich

Kolosov Viktor Leonidovich

1959 г.р.


Ukrainian artist. Victor Kolosov was born in 1959 and spent his youth in Rostov-on-Don. In the early 1970’s he received an initial art education in the Rostov School. Grekova – children’s studio. In 1975 he entered the Naval College. After his graduation he traveled a lot and visited more than 60 countries, where he visited museums and galleries of all the capitals and major cities of Europe. In 1984 he moved to Odessa, and again engaged in painting. Viktor Kolosov – the initiator of the Odessa art squat in Observatorniy Lane. In August 2005, the first personal exhibition of the artist was held in Odessa. Already then they started talking about him as an extraordinary author. The works surprised the Odessa audience, and some got into foreign collections. Later, cooperation with galleries, curators of festivals and exhibitions, and collectors followed. Following the first staff, the artist presented a number of author projects, participated in festivals, competitions, as well as in exhibitions in Moscow, Kiev and Lviv. The artist, perfectly owning a whole set of stylistic forms, techniques and authoring techniques, and today does not cease to seek new methods for the embodiment of his ideas. The author’s works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Germany and Holland. Main exhibitions and projects: 2005 – The first personal exhibition. Painting and graphics from the series “Photos of Some Thoughts”, “Red Chairs”, “Rehabilitation Lubka”. Art-cafe “Medusa”, Odessa. 2008 – The author’s project “Journey of the uniform” to the festivals “Gogolfest 2008”, “Artistic Arsenal”, Kiev. 2009 – Author’s project “Gifts from Gogol” at the festivals “Gogolfest 2009”, “Artistic Arsenal”, Kiev. 2012, 2013 – Participation in the exhibition of Mikhail Knobel’s collection. Vorontsov Palace, Odessa. 2013 – Participation in the group project “Horizons of temporality”. Institute for Contemporary Arts, Kiev. Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Odessa. 2014 – Photo project “Duel” (together with Oleg Dimovim). «Impact Hub Odessa», Odessa. 2014 – Curator and participant of the project “NEVESINBEFOR”. Art-studio of Victor Kolosov, Odessa. 2016 – Participation in the group project “Odessa Contemporary Art”. Institute for Contemporary Arts, Kiev. 2016 – Personal exhibition “Expedition to the landscape”. Gallery “Triptych ART”, Kiev.

Photo: Victor Kolosov. Silence, 2012, canvas, acrylic, 149 х 245 cm. Sold by gallery “Triptych-Art” $ 5,000

Photo: Victor Kolosov. Coffee shore, 2013, canvas, acrylic, pastel, 149 x 300 cm