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Gudak Vasily Andreevich

Gudak Vasily Andreevich

1941 г.р.


Soviet Ukrainian ceramic artist. Works in the field of arts and crafts. He was born on June 11, 1941 in the village. Monastery, now the city of Zhydachiv, Lviv region – master of art ceramics, art critic. Member of NSU (1992). Candidate of Art History (1985). He graduated from the Lviv Institute of Decorative and Applied Art (1968, teachers: D. Krvavich, P. Markovich, V. Ovsijchuk, Iz Flint). Since that time he has been working in the same place (now Lviv, AM): a teacher since 1991 – an assistant professor of art ceramics. Since 1965 – a participant in regional, republican, all-Union and foreign art exhibitions, symposiums of monumental ceramics. Personal – in Lviv (1992, 1995, 2001). The main works – in the field of decorative ceramics, easel painting, graphics. In ceramics, G. uses vyyrazitelnye means, borrowed in painting and graphics, as well as the motifs of folk art. In decorative compositions – graphic lines, harmoniously thought out color juxtaposition, accents. contrasts. The main works: decorative compositions – “Hutsul” (1968), “Construction” (1977), triptych “Energy” (1989), “Carpathian Suite” (1990), “Creation” (2001); decor. (1974), People’s Paintings (1976), Theatrical Masks (1984), Energia (1989), Blossoming (1993), The City (1997), “Celestial Symphony”, “People’s Motives” (both – 2001); decor. “Still Life with Easter eggs” (1976), “Fires” (1992), “Requiem” (1993), “Wild Bird” (2000), “Anxiety” (2001); decor. – “I have a sweatshop, a topier” (1979), “Homon age” (1986), “Echoes of the ages” (1995), “pysanka-trinity” (1996), “Zarubki age” (2002).

Photo: Vasil Gudak. Bowl with grapes, 1991, ceramika

Photo: Gudak V.A. “People’s Still Life” clay, enamel 1975 year.